2016 Topps Archives Baseball Hobby Box

  • Price: $89.99
Item Number: MLBARCHIVES16
Condition: Mint
Grade Company: New

Item Description

2016 Topps Archives Baseball

Each pack contains eight (8) 2016 Topps Archives Baseball base cards.
• Each box contains twenty-four (24) total packs.

Topps Archives Baseball is returning in 2016 with more of what its collectors enjoy the most:
• Beloved Topps cards designs from years past
• An autograph checklist featuring fan favorites and current stars
• A pop culture phenomenon
• Surprises, short prints and buybacks

2016 Topps Archives Baseball is sure to take each collector down memory lane. Don't miss out on your opportunity to relive the past and collect the present!

Each hobby box will include two (2) autographed cards.

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