2017 Topps Archives Baseball

  • Price: $129.99
Item Number: FGC002490
Condition: Mint
Grade Company: New

Item Description

2017 Topps Archive Baseball

Each pack contains eight (8) cards and there are 24 packs per box. There are two (2) autographs per box and two (2) Derek Jeter retrospective inserts

Split between 1960 Topps (100 cards), 1982 Topps (100 cards) and 1992 Topps (100 cards), the 300-card base set revisits earlier flagship designs for both retired players and current stars. Parallels include Peach (#'d), Blue (#'d), and Black (1/1), as well as new Red (#/25) versions. Another debut addition, there are also as many as 20 base SP Variations.

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